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Transaction Audit

SML provides professional and unbiased opinions through audits on transaction prices and assurance services. The audit activities are meant to validate fair assessments of Classification and Valuation and ultimately ensure that Government revenue, through import taxes,  is not compromised but properly determined for collection.

With SML, the assurance of accurate Classification and Valuation assessments, in validating imported goods and transaction prices in its Audit is guaranteed. This is of particular importance to developing countries, where revenue mobilization is critical to development. SML conducts Transaction Audit using our flagship Audit management system, SMOPS.

The audit of imported goods is embarked on by SML after all available and necessary documentation of goods have been examined, classified, and fair assessment done by Customs. The purpose of our transaction audits is to measure and help improve the compliance levels of traders and the importing public. It is to ensure that accurate classification and fair assessment are secured to guarantee the appropriate import revenue levels.

The advantages derived from SML’s Transaction audits are that:

Benefits of Transaction Audit


Increased Revenue Collection

By ensuring that goods are properly classified and valued, SML helps governments, particularly in developing countries, capture the correct amount of import taxes, which is crucial for their revenue mobilization.


Prevention of Revenue Loss

Misclassified goods that could lead to revenue losses are identified and reclassified correctly, preventing potential discrepancies in tax collection.


Improved Compliance

The transaction audits conducted by SML measure and enhance compliance levels among traders and the importing public, ensuring adherence to import regulations.


Accurate Import Statistics

Correcting misclassifications through audits ensures that statistical data on imports are accurate, which is essential for economic planning and analysis.


Fair Market Assessments

The audit process ensures that the assessments reflect the true price paid or payable by the importer, which contributes to a fair market environment.


Risk Management

SML profiles importers using a risk-based approach, which helps in identifying and focusing on higher-risk entities, thereby optimizing resource allocation and enforcement efforts.


Enhanced Transparency

The audit system promotes transparency in the classification and valuation of goods, building trust among stakeholders, including traders and regulatory authorities.


Capacity Building

By working closely with customs and importers, SML aids in the capacity building of these entities, enhancing their understanding and implementation of proper classification and valuation practices.


Reduction in Disputes

Accurate and fair assessments reduce the likelihood of disputes between traders and customs authorities over import duties, leading to smoother trade operations.


Support for Economic Development

By securing appropriate revenue levels and ensuring fair trade practices, SML’s auditing system supports broader economic development, particularly critical in developing countries.

Strategic Mobilization Ghana Limited (SML) pioneers petroleum audit and assurances in Ghana’s downstream petroleum sector.

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