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External Price Verification

SML undertakes reliable and verifiable activities to arrive at current item prices of goods supplied by Exporters from various countries to importers in Ghana as the destination Country of imported goods. The prices that are verified externally, are made available to the Customs Division of Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) through SML’s software called Transaction Value Assessment System – Transaction Price Database (TVAS-TPD) to aid its decision-making in the fair determination of the appropriate Customs value of imported goods.

The SML External Price Verification activities are multifaceted. Firstly, our advanced price data gathering system connects with external systems to collect quotation prices from a variety of six (6) sources for our clients. The prices collected are then scrutinized by our system to assess their accuracy, relevance, and timeliness.

Secondly, we obtain export level price quotations directly from manufacturers, suppliers, or exporters from various countries, for exports to Ghana as the importing country and, when necessary, the sub-region. Our TVAS-TPD software extracts appropriate pricing information from these quotations, a process enhanced by our technological proficiency and adherence to standard operations.

The SML External Price Verification provides a reliable platform for Customs to access current values of goods imported into Ghana. Values from SML’s External Price Verification are consistently up-to-date and adhere to the timelines sanctioned by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and Customs’ own procedures, ensuring utmost reliability.

Benefits of External Price Verification


Accuracy in Customs Valuation

By providing verified current item prices, the system ensures that customs valuations are accurate, minimizing discrepancies that can arise from outdated or inaccurate price data.


Fraud Reduction

Accurate and verifiable pricing helps reduce fraud, such as under-invoicing by importers, thus ensuring fair taxation.


Efficiency in Processing

The integration of TVAS-TPD with customs operations streamlines the process of assessing customs duties, leading to quicker clearance of goods.


Transparency in Valuations

The use of an external system for price verification enhances transparency in how customs values are determined, building trust among traders and other stakeholders.


Adherence to International Standards

The system aligns with the standards set by the World Trade Organization (WTO), ensuring that practices are globally compliant.


Enhanced Revenue Collection

By ensuring that the customs values are set correctly, the system aids in maximizing revenue collection from import duties.


Data-driven Decision Making

Customs officials can make informed decisions based on reliable and timely data, improving overall decision-making efficacy.


Market Analysis and Monitoring

The system enables the monitoring of market trends and prices, which is valuable for economic analysis and policy-making.


Reduced Administrative Burden

Automated price data collection and verification reduce the administrative burden on customs officials, allowing them to focus on other critical aspects of customs administration.


Regional Integration

As the system can be adapted for use in sub-regional contexts, it aids in harmonizing trade practices and pricing standards across neighboring countries, benefiting regional economic integration.

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