About SML


At SML, we are underpinned by robust financial resources and a steadfast commitment to rigorous corporate governance. Our approach is to offer bespoke technological solutions that are designed to resolve the revenue challenges faced by our clients. We stand unrivaled in our ability to mobilize necessary financial and human capital, autonomously financing and managing the engineering, implementation, and ongoing support of technological solutions that deliver unparalleled, accurate, and timely revenue assurances.

Our exacting validation and quality control mechanisms have redefined the auditing landscape, establishing new paradigms in real-time monitoring and revenue validation, notably within the realms of port services management and the downstream petroleum industry. Our innovations in technology and tailor-made software suites work in concert with our meticulously engineered hardware. This synergy produces precise real-time data and analytics, empowering our clients with the ability to make well-informed decisions.



To offer durable and efficient solutions that power businesses and drive trade, enhancing revenue through the deployment of state of the art technology and skilled human resource across multiple channels.


To be a key decision driver by 2025 as far as Trade and Revenue Assurance matters are concerned.


To adopt Industry’s best practices, methodologies and take an uncompromising approach to meeting our client’s needs, through consistency of standards and flexibility of services offered.


SML has carved out a distinguished niche in the realm of real-time revenue assurance and specialized audits, earning commendations from prestigious entities such as the Ghana Revenue Assurances and the Ministry of Finance. Our discreet public presence belies the transformative impact we’ve made in addressing revenue challenges for our clients. The strides we’ve made in tackling revenue suppression, leakages, and slippages are significant, widely recognized, and praised within the industry.

As a model corporate entity, SML upholds the highest standards in corporate governance. We are steadfast in our commitment to the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) through out our operations and extended value chains.

At SML Ghana, we take pride in equipping our clients to navigate what was once deemed impossible. Our advanced, bespoke technologies have revolutionized revenue generation within Ghana’s downstream petroleum and port services sectors. These achievements are creating ripples of interest, drawing the attention of other African markets to the innovative solutions we provide.


Our company operates on the foundation of a steadfast commitment to core principles that shape our corporate culture and drive our interactions. It is these values that forge enduring bonds with our clients, stakeholders, and our team. They are the compass that guides our actions and decisions. With unwavering dedication, we adhere to these tenets, ensuring they are reflected in every facet of our operations.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our activities, demonstrating honesty, ethical behavior, and steadfast moral principles.


Our actions are characterized by exceptional efficiency and conduct. We harness advanced competencies and skills to exceed the expectations of our clients, stakeholders, and the industries we serve.


We foster an environment that nurtures creative thinking and dynamic capabilities, continuously enhancing our services. We believe that innovation is key to advancing human efficiency.


We deeply respect the sensitive information entrusted to us by our clients and stakeholders, ensuring it is handled with the utmost discretion and care.


Our unwavering determination and dedication are the cornerstones of our pursuit of excellence. We engage in our services with complete devotion, aiming to set benchmarks of excellence in our pursuits.


We celebrate the power of teamwork, embracing the philosophy that collective efforts lead to greater achievements. Our staff and stakeholders collaborate to realize shared objectives. Our triumphs are a testament to the collaborative spirit.
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