At SML, we pioneer in combining cutting-edge propriety software with unparalleled hardware technology to deliver premier revenue assurance, real-time monitoring, and specialized audit services to clients. Our dedication to technological advancement places us at the forefront of port services and downstream petroleum services. We have garnered a stellar reputation for our thought leadership and innovative solutions in these sectors.

The company is overseen by a governing board and comprises three divisions: port, petroleum and minerals services. Since its establishment in 2017, SML has played a crucial role in supporting, notably the Ghana revenue authority (GRA), in achieving their tax revenue mobilization goal.


What sets us Apart

Real-time monitoring solutions.

Dedication to world-class technological solutions.

Sole sponsorship of high-risk investment venture.

Tailored solution approach to work.

Proven track record of success.

Cutting-edge audit methodologies and best practices.


We deploy proprietary software and cutting-edge technologies, as well as experienced human capital, to provide real-time and accurate end-to-end revenue audit and assurances for our clients.


Deployment of our cutting-edge technology in all 24 depots across Ghana
Employees, Consultants, Partners and Foreign Expats
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In additional revenue for Ghana
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