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Downstream Petroleum Services

SML offers a comprehensive Electronic Metering Management System designed to offer end-to-end audit and assurance for tax revenue collection in the downstream petroleum. Our Electronic Metering system validates and guarantees the precise measurement of the ingress and egress of petroleum product quantities across various stages, encompassing product receipt, storage, and distribution. By meticulously recording accurate measurements of product volumes at each stage of the supply chain, our system ensures the integrity and transparency of transactions. Consequently, our systems aid in streamlining customs internal audit procedures for downstream petroleum products, effectively overseeing tax revenue collection and minimizing revenue losses.

Our exclusive software solution, SML Experion, harnesses AI technology to provide real-time monitoring and data reconciliation audits for petroleum product liftings nationwide. This innovative solution allows for the immediate detection of any inconsistencies or irregularities, empowering proactive decision-making and facilitating the implementation of preemptive mitigation measures

SML’s data analysis and reconciliation strategy are pivotal for revenue assurance in the downstream petroleum sector. By providing comprehensive audit trails, we conduct end-to-end audits of petroleum product movement, meticulously tracking activities throughout the downstream petroleum value chain to ensure the accuracy and transparency of product handling for tax payments. This approach effectively plugs revenue leakages, enhances compliance, and sustains the increase of tax revenue in the downstream petroleum sector.

Since 2020, our strong presence in the downstream petroleum sector has enforced compliance with regulatory standards and requirements of the sector for tax revenue mobilisation. We have enhanced operational efficiency through accurate measurements, fostered continuous improvement in operational processes, and curtailed revenue loss, thus bolstering tax revenue mobilization performance.

Benefits of Downstream Petroleum Services


Precise Measurement Accuracy

Guarantees accurate measurement of petroleum product volumes at each supply chain stage, ensuring transaction integrity.


Real-time Monitoring

Utilizes AI technology for continuous real-time surveillance and monitoring of petroleum product liftings, enhancing oversight.


Proactive Irregularity Detection

Immediate identification of discrepancies allows for quick response and resolution, minimizing potential losses.


End-to-End Auditing

Provides thorough audits from product receipt to distribution, which is crucial for transparency and accountability in tax collection.


Revenue Assurance

Enhances revenue security by meticulously tracking and reconciling petroleum product movements to ensure accurate tax payments.


Compliance Enhancement

Enforces adherence to regulatory standards and requirements in the downstream petroleum sector, promoting consistent compliance.


Operational Efficiency

Improves the efficiency of operational processes through precise and reliable measurement systems.


Mitigation of Revenue Losses

Effective strategies and systems in place reduce the risk of revenue leakage and enhance tax revenue mobilization.


Transparent Transaction Records

Meticulous recording of all transactions ensures transparency and integrity, fostering trust in the system.


Continuous Improvement

Encourages ongoing enhancements in operational processes, leading to sustained operational excellence and innovation in practices.

Strategic Mobilization Ghana Limited (SML) pioneers petroleum audit and assurances in Ghana’s downstream petroleum sector.

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